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About our Cattery

Welcome to Cats in the City Cattery!

Our recently renovated cattery is just waiting to be checked out by your furry companions. Cats in the City has large spacious double cages, with well-ventilated airflow, hiding holes, and comfortable bedding to suit every cat’s needs. Being located just above the Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital, we have ample support from our qualified nurses and vet team and regularly consult with them on any issues we notice with cats in our care.

We understand how stressful it can be for cats to be away from home. We send regular updates to make sure owners get their kitty fix, so you can be sure your pet is being well looked after while staying with us. We utilise Feliway pheromone diffusers in every room, and work hard to keep all cats in our care as stress-free and comfortable as possible. All cages and rooms are regularly cleaned while kitties are in our stay and are fully disinfected between cat stays.

Our staff are all dedicated to giving the best experience possible to your cats, providing them with plenty of enrichment, play, and cuddles (if they are so inclined). Let us treat your kitty like the individual they are and suit their stay to best fit their needs!

Contact Us

Our team of Cattery attendants is here to make the process of booking your cat in for a stay as easy as possible. To enquire about a stay in our cattery, please email us at, or call our reception at 03 9489 2195.

To make the booking process as smooth as possible, please view our terms and rates page to understand the requirements for cats that board at our facility, and our pricing.

What happens during my cat’s Stay?

Admission + Discharge

To fit with our clinic opening hours, our cattery admission and discharge times are between 8am-11am and 4pm-6pm Monday to Friday, and between 9am-11am on Saturdays. We are not open for admission and discharge on Sundays and Public Holidays.

We book admissions in 15-minute slots, to allow our attendants to go through the paperwork with you and answer any questions you have about your cat’s stay. Discharges are booked in 10-minute slots, to allow our attendants to give feedback about how your cat went and return your kitty and all its belongings to your care.

Cage and Room Set Up

All our cages are similarly sized, all are double cages connected by a kitty-sized doorway, each with two levels for lounging.

Each room also has a cat tower, scratching posts, toys, cat nip, and treats to find enrichment for every kitty.


Adult Hills Diet. Switched to I/D temporarily w/ diarrhea etc. Also, able to access other hills diet/ some RC. Bring in your own food if you would prefer.


We have a range of litter available, including crystal litter, paper litter, tofu litter, clay litter. Please let us know if you cat has a specific preference!

Hygiene + Cleanliness

Cages are swept, and fully disinfected between stays, with each cat receiving freshly laundered bedding, washed and disinfected water and food bowls, toys and litter trays.

During their stay, litter is regularly changed, trays washed, food bowls and water bowls washed and refreshed twice daily, any messes are cleaned up and sprayed with cat-safe disinfectants. Bedding is laundered if soiled.

Health and Wellbeing Monitoring

All cats toileting, eating, drinking, and general behaviour are monitored and noted down throughout their stay, to help us keep track of any changes or issues, and manage them in the appropriate timeframe.


Playtime in room

Toys/scratching posts/ catnip/ cat towers/ treats

Please see our Terms and Rates page for information on vaccination, flea and worming requirements, medicated cats, and senior cats. Please see our FAQ for any questions not answered here, or contact us.


Rates and Terms

$33.50 per night
$39.50 per night peak periods (School holidays in April, June, September, December-mid Jan)
$39.50 for cats needing to be boarded in our isolation ward (FIV positive cats and history of cat flu cats)
$5 extra per day for medicated cats

Requirements for Boarding

It is a legal requirement that all cats staying with us are microchipped and fully vaccinated…..

All cats coming into our care need to be up to date with worming and flea treatments, need evidence.

Medicated cats  – we are able to take medicated cats, medicate up to twice daily. Particularly complex cases or cats with recent issues need to be seen by our vets to see if they are fit for boarding (call to discuss).

We do not take diabetic cats or cats with high monitoring needs, as our cattery is not staffed overnight.


The booking system updates in real-time so you know exactly what times are available.

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