It is the season for day trips, road trips and travelling. Here are some important things to remember if you are brining your furry family members along for the ride.

Take extra stops

Plan extra stops along the way to let your dog get in some exercise and go to the bathroom.

Bring treats

Have some of your dog’s favourite treats as a reward for good behaviour on the trip.

Slightly open the windows

Opening your car windows a couple of centimetres reduces the likelihood of nausea by balancing the air pressure inside with the air pressure outside, as well as keeping your car cool and well ventilated.

Pet friendly places

Do some research and find some pet friendly café’s or parks along the way and accommodation (if you’re staying overnight).


If your dog gets car sick, ask your Veterinarian about motion sickness medication.


Try to bring along one or more of your pet’s favourite toys to help reduce their anxiety levels while in the car.


Whenever your dog is in the car they should be properly secured with a car-specific safety harness or in a dog crate to keep both you and your pet safe.