Frost on the windows and tripling the layers of clothing we wear before preparing ourselves to go out and experience cold, are only some of the signs that winter is well and truly here. While we attempt to keep our body temperature over 12 degrees, let’s not forget about our four-legged friends as winter warmer ideas can help all family members!

Some of the ideas you can implement as a pet parent include:

  • Purchase jackets, coats, sweaters or booties that can keep your pet warm. This can even be used around the house as sometimes the heater can a while to kick in! Booties can work very well with your curious canine as they regulate their body temperature through the soles of their feet.
  • Your pet’s bedding should be at least 3 inches off the floor. It could be worth looking into a small frame to place on the floor to keep them off it and avoid any cold drafts.
  • Keep their food supplies replenished! Dogs use up more calories in winter to try and stay warm. If your pet has a Kong or toy that can hold treats, there are a range of warm winter recipes you can try out! An example could be filling it with some kibble, vegetables and a little bit of cheese. Then pop it in the microwave for a minute to melt it slightly. There are lots of recipes out there that you can try!
  • Hot water bottles are a great way to go that extra step to ensure your pet is keeping warm. Heat one up and pop it in their bed to make sure they are nice and cosy!

Chat to your Vet team today about some new and warm ways you can ensure your pet enjoys the colder temperatures. After a long day shivering in the cold, snuggling up on the couch with our favourite furry family member and a piping hot tea is always a winner in our books!