The Cat Space at Fitzroy Vet

Public holidays are always a busy time for our cattery - and this Easter was certainly no exception! We had a total of approximately 75 cats staying with us here at the Cattery over the Easter period. Even though that certainly sounds like a lot, all our feline friends got the individual care and attention that they deserve. Being above a Veterinary clinic means that when of the cattery staff or nurses are working in the cattery, if they see that one of our guests isn't looking or feeling well, they can get checked over by a veterinarian if needed! This doesn't happen very often but it's always good to have this peace of mind.

All of our guests get plenty of time outside of their enclosures to run around and play, every room has scratching poles and toys galore for them to enjoy. If we have a particularly shy or frightened guest we make sure to keep them in an enclosure that's as private as possible.

Harry sitting next to a Feliway adapter

We also have Feliway adapters in each of the rooms. Feliway is a synthetic pheromone proven to help cats feel calm and a ease. Here is a picture of one of our guests Harry sitting next to a Feliway adapter after having a run around.

The cattery is open all year round so if you're looking for somewhere to board your furry friend - look no further!