Meet Sunny

Sunny was brought into our clinic by a concerned local who had noticed her a few days earlier in an alleyway looking as if she was giving birth. When the good Samaritan saw that she was still in the same spot two days later, she decided to bundle Sunny up and take her straight down to see us. When we took Sunny out of her box, we noticed straight away she was not in a good way. She had no collar or microchip and was absolutely riddled with fleas, showing that she was most likely a stray. Upon closer inspection we found that Sunny, whilst trying to give birth, was suffering from something known as fetopelvic disproportion. Fetopelvic disproportion is any clinically significant mismatch between the size or shape of the presenting part of the fetus and the size or shape of the maternal lpelvis. Put simply, the kitten was too big to give birth to.

This can happen when only one egg is fertilised, and the growing kitten fetus doesn't have to compete for space or resources like nutrients. Sadly, the kitten was already deceased when Sunny was presented to us. We immediately gave Sunny pain relief as she would have been in a lot of pain. We then put her under a general anaesthetic during which we were able to safely remove the deceased kitten from the birth cavity. We were considering spaying Sunny whilst she was under general anaesthetic but due to the risk of infection, we decided to let her recover from this first.

Sunny woke up and seemed like a new cat. She was purring and rubbing her face on anything she could get near. Seeing her relieved of her pain and suffering was such a rewarding and emotional experience for all the staff. She was named Sunny due to her beautiful golden coloured coat. Sunny is staying with us and will be getting spayed once we are confident she is at her best.

Stories like Sunny's show the huge importance of spaying and microchipping our pets. If Sunny had been left in that alleyway or not found at all she would have died from her situation. It was our pleasure to be able to help relieve her suffering and give her a chance at living a wonderful life. Below is Sunny before her procedure and Sunny afterwards. As you can see the difference in her demeanour is huge!