Meet Nuggett

Bladder stones

Nuggett presented to our clinic after having a few "accidents" in the house which was very out of character for her. Eventually the "accidents" turned into her straining to urinate, and even a little bit of blood coming out with her urine. Her owner brought her in to us to investigate what was going on.

After doing some routine checks including urine tests, our vets decided to conduct an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that poor Nuggett had a bladder full of stones!

Nuggett underwent a Cystotomy, a surgical procedure to remove all the large stones and flush out the rest.  

The picture shows all the stones that were extracted from Nuggett's bladder - if you can imagine the size of a Jack Russell's bladder it goes to show just how full it would have been!

Nuggett made a full recovery and is now on a special urinary diet to help prevent the formation of new stones. The extracted stones were sent to Hill's urolith centre for study.