Meet Nellie

They say a mango a day keeps the doctor away... Not in Nellie's case! Nellie was bought into our clinic after her owners witnessed her doing something very cheeky.

Whilst visiting a friend, Nellie discovered the remnants of a delicious mango which she just couldn't say no to. Someone had obviously enjoyed most of it but this did not stop Nellie from devouring the rest of it - including a 10cm X 5cm mango pip. Due to the slimy covering, the pip slid down her esophagus with no hesitation. Unfortunately this also meant that our first call of action (using an endoscope to retrieve it) was impossible, as the covering was just far too slippery for our equipment to grab a hold of. Our last and only option was to perform ex-laparotomy surgery which meant cutting into her abdomen and retrieving the pip from her intestines. This is a big surgery but thanks to a dedicated nurse monitoring the anaesthetic and a very skilled surgeon, the pip was retrieved with no issues.

Nellie recovered exceptionally well, and after spending a night at an emergency center for monitoring, was fine to go home the very next day. Looking at Nellie now, it is hard to believe she went through such a big surgery, as she was all tail-wags from the moment she woke up.