Meet Mr Crumpet


Mr Crumpet spent some time with us in our clinic this month after it was required for him to undergo a leg amputation. Sadly Mr Crumpet had been suffering from what can be quite a painful condition called progressive angiomatosis. This is where lesions present with swelling and purple vesicular lesions, which will often cause lameness when a limb is affected. This type of lesion can be very difficult to control, regrowth is common and very wide surgical excision usually involving amputation of the digits is necessary.

Mr Crumpet had been non weight bearing over the past year or so and although we had administered and performed many different forms of pain relief, treatment and diagnostics nothing seemed to make it better for him. Mr Crumpet’s owners were advised that in order to provide him with the best quality of life possible, the best option for him was to have the leg removed.

The ever so brave Mr Crumpet came in for his surgery where he underwent a procedure to amputate his right hind leg. Mr Crumpet was provided with pain relief both locally and regionally. Local pain relief was administered in order to stop pain where it was produced and local anaesthetic and opioids were also infused around the spinal cord in an epidural which blocks and modulates pain being transmitted to the brain.

His surgery went incredibly well, his pain levels were managed very closely and after an overnight stay at a 24 hour hospital for observations and pain relief administration, and a couple of nights in boarding for some quiet time away from his young and playful human siblings, we are happy to report that he is making a wonderful recovery at home.

Here is Mr Crumpet adapting to life minus his hind leg. What a champion!