Meet Franklin!

Franklin is one of many adoption cats we have had here at the Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic. In the past, we have helped out places like the Lost Dogs Home by taking in some adoption kittens or cats in need of a home. 

Franklin is the newest addition to the clinic. He spent quite a bit of time at our sister clinic, The Woodend Veterinary Centre in Woodend, Victoria. Franklin is the size of a little kitten but is about two and a half years old. Poor Franklin got all in a tangle at one point overnight and managed to get his collar stuck under his arm! Unfortunately due to the fright he got, Franklin managed to create a wound under his armpit trying to get free. It has been an ongoing battle for poor Franklin; he has been on a variety of medications and has had a big surgery to try and repair his wound, but it is proving a little more difficult than we originally thought. This doesn't stop Franklin from being a total lovebug though. Nothing seems to faze him. He is always up for a pat or a hobble around behind somebody. It also certainly hasn't affected his appetite! 

Franklin is going to be battling for a little while to help his wound heals, but with all the TLC he is getting from the staff here we are sure he will be just fine. Keep your eyes peeled for Franklin when he comes up for adoption at our clinic! In the meantime, please call the clinic if you or somebody you know would like to meet a cat in need of a home.