Meet Cherry

Cherry came in to see one of our Veterinarians as she had recently gone off her food. Our Vet did a thorough examination and saw that Cherry had bad dental disease.

Meet Cherry

Dental disease can get so bad in some animals that it causes them too much pain to eat. Our Vet suggested that Cherry go under an anaesthetic to get a full scale and polish and to see if any of her sore teeth needed removing.

Being a senior at 17 years old, Cherry had a pre-anaesthetic blood test done. This blood test is important for senior pets as it gives a good indication of how their organs (like their kidney and liver) are functioning, as these organs are what help metabolise the anaesthetic. If any of the blood results came back showing any trouble, then our Vet would be able to cater the anaesthetic better to suit her needs.

Cherry’s bloods came back clear so she was booked in for her dental procedure. The procedure took 45 minutes and three teeth were removed due to advanced dental disease.

A week after her dental procedure, Cherry was back eating all her food and a lot happier, cuddlier and relaxed than she had been previously.

It is important for us all to remember that even if we are frightened for our companions going under anaesthetic, sometimes for their quality of life it is worth it. Please talk with your Vet if you have any concerns or questions about general anaesthesia and your pet.