Meet Blondie


Blondie was an expensive kitten bought as a gift for someone. After a few weeks, the person who was gifted the kitten returned it saying that she was ‘too ugly’. Fortunately, the person who originally purchased Blondie was an animal lover and she had many happy years with him. Over time, Blondie’s owner became ill and frail and withdrew from the world becoming very eccentric. His house was in a condemned state and Blondie was living in filth and had to scrounge for food and fight off feral cats and possums which invaded the house as the walls were knocked out of the place.

The few visitors allowed would check there was some food for her. When her owner passed away a neighbour suggested taking Blondie to be euthanised. The deceased's next of kin, Edward had always tried to help the owner and Blondie but was always turned away. He found Blondie under the rubble and 70 of years hoarding. Blondie smelt of rotting teeth and the excrement she was living in.

Edward took her home to his sister Flora, both being animal lovers from a very young age. Blondie was shampooed, fed and given much love and affection and although neglected for some time she

was very responsive. She was in a very bad state when she arrived at Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic she remained there for several days and with the care and kindness of the Vets and Nurses was brought back to good health. Blondie is thriving she has gained weight from an abundance of good food; she follows her new ‘mother’ everywhere! She smells fresh and sleeps under a warm doona each night. She loves her new life and has quite an impact on all that she meets with her charismatic personality. Blondie and Flora are a perfect match as they make each other so happy. In the ultimate ‘rags to riches story’, Blondie will now spend the rest of her days being absolutely spoilt.