Meet Big Boy

One of five adoption kittens, Big Boy, got his name by being the biggest of the bunch. Maybe this meant he would also be the most rambunctious!

During a routine meet and greet with some potential pet-parents, one of our nurses noticed that Big Boy was not weight bearing on his back right leg. It was then noticed that he had quite a deep laceration on the back of his leg. This laceration, whilst it looked deep enough from the outside, ended up being that he had completely severed his Achilles tendon.

Faced with either leg amputation, or giving Big Boy the chance at a normal life, Dr Andres Townsend decided to perform surgery on Big Boy. An external fixator was placed (pins) in order to secure his hock in extension to minimise the pressure put on his Achilles tendon. The tendon itself was sutured together in a "3 loop pulley" fashion.

Big boy recovered brilliantly from his big surgery. The only issue we have is trying to keep him quiet! He loves trying to keep up with his litter-mate, Oswald. It is still a little touch-and-go at this stage whether the external fixator will fix Big Boy's leg, but we are all hoping for the best as we want him to find a special home someday soon.