Important Vaccination Reminder

Staying up to date with your pet’s vaccinations will ensure they are  fully protected from significant contagious diseases. It is important for your pet to be vaccinated as close to their due date as possible to ensure continued protection. Recently there has been a re-emergence of feline parvovirus after many years of the disease’s silence. The re-emergence of this highly contagious disease can be blamed on an increasing trend of cat owners failing to vaccinate.

Feline parvovirus can be fatal within 24 hours, with symptoms including dehydration, fever, depression, loss of appetite and vomiting. The disease is spread through contact with an infected animal’s bodily fluids such as faeces or urine, often through clothing, cages, flooring and food and water bowls. If you are not sure of when your pet last had their vaccination, feel free to call to check their record.