Meet our team

DR bethany hooper – VETERINARIAN

Fitzroy Vet - Veterinarian - Dr Bethany Hooper
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne

Dr Bethany Hooper joined our team in October 2016.  Bethany always knew she wanted to work with animals, at age five her dream was to be a dog groomer and when she found her love of science in high school, she combined her love of animals and passion for science to pursue a career as a Veterinarian. 

Bethany’s goal is to provide a gentle, caring approach to each consultation to keep patients comfortable, give them a thorough examination and provide a gold standard health care plan for each pet.  She has a passion for pet dental care, and working with our clients to provide them with the best dental care to keep their pets happy and healthy.  When she is not in the clinic, Bethany is spending time with her partner Shannon and their fur-baby Marzipan, plus whatever strays they are taking care of at the time.  



Fitzroy Vet - Veterinarian - Dr Phoebe Venables
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Dr Phoebe Venables joined our team in April 2016, becoming a Veterinarian because she had always been drawn to animals, science and people, and it was almost a foregone conclusion she would end up as a Vet. 

Phoebe loves finding out how things work and how to make them work better and having a job where people are constantly bringing her their cats and dogs is a definite perk.  Phoebe’s goal with every patient is to have pets and their owners leave a little bit healthier and better informed than when they arrived.  If this is an annual vaccination she will really focus on preventative care to get the longest, happiest life for your pet, or if something's going wrong she will work out a plan based on best-practice medicine, and that will fit well with your family to get them back on track.

Phoebe’s philosophy in all areas of life is "things rarely get worse by talking about them." At work this means that if there's anything at all an owner (or pet-parent) might be worried about this is always worth discussing, even if it's just for peace-of-mind. It might be something that can be easily addressed or something worth looking in to let her know and we'll find out.  When Phoebe is not in the clinic, she is spending time with her partner and a chatty cat named Milly. 


Dr Andres Townsend - Veterinarian

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)

Since he was very young Andres was interested in science but particularly in medicine. He figured somehow he would probably end up studying medicine. He has loved animals since he could remember. Big or small, scaly or furry, animals have always been part of Andres’ life. It was only when he realised he could match his love for medicine and animals that he decided that being a Vet was what he was meant to be and never looked back.

Andres shares his life with his gorgeous wife, their son Benjamin, two Great Danes and two domestic short hair cats. They are strong believers in adoption and all of their pets were rescued.

Andres strongly believes that what goes around comes around. The state of mind and attitude is as contagious as the most infectious disease. It is amazing how much change can be made with just a positive attitude. 


Dr Loren Mickiewicz - Veterinary Surgeon

Fitzroy Vet - Veterinarian - Dr Loren Mickiewicz
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)

Loren studied at the University of Melbourne and graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. She also completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Animal Science in 2012. Loren spent time at general practice and specialist clinics all over Victoria during her final year, and spent a month overseas at a Specialist Hospital in the UK. 

Loren has a special interest in soft tissue surgery and is passionate about improving the day-to-day health of all of her patients. Loren has always loved animals and can't believe she gets to see so many beautiful creatures every day. She can't wait to meet you and your furry family members.


Dr Sue Ramoo - Medical Consultant

Fitzroy Vet - Dr Sue Ramoo - Medical Consultant
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Dr Sue Ramoo graduated from the University of Sydney in 2004 and worked in general practice for 2 years, where she saw lots of dogs, cats, a few goats, some sheep and a couple of cows! During this time she developed an interest in internal medicine which led her to undertake an internship in critical care and internal medicine, which was followed by a 3 year residency at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Sue has since worked in private referral practices across Melbourne and is well versed in all aspects of internal medicine. She has been published in various veterinary journals and herinterests include gastroenterology, endocrinology and oncology. Outside of work, Sue dabbles in floristry and cooking. She also loves food, wine and bush walking. At home, Sue has a 6 year old Border Terrier named Lizzie, and a Princess Parrot called Kayne.

It is great to have Dr Sue Ramoo available for in-clinic assessment of those more complicated medical cases.


Caitlin Fava - Practice Manager

Fitzroy Vet - Veterinary Nurse - Caitlin Fava

Caitlin joined the Fitzroy Vet team in August 2015 after having some time off nursing to pursue her interest in professional horse riding. She has a passion for horses and has been riding and competing since she can remember. Her veterinary nursing interests include x-rays, team consulting and patient enrichment. In June 2018, Caitlin took on the role as our Practice Manager.

Caitlin has a Brittany Spaniel X Poodle called Spencer who joins her at the clinic each day. 



Fitzroy Vet - Veterinary Nurse - Rachel Dosser

Rachel joined our team in June 2015 as a Locum Trainee Veterinary Nurse, working across all of the NVC clinics. After 3 months as a locum nurse, Rachel took the opportunity to settle at Fitzroy Vet as a full-time nurse. 

Rachel enjoys travelling, music and spending time with her partner and their French Bulldog, Bruno.  Rachel is currently studying her Certificate IV in Verterinary Nursing and is due to complete this at the end of 2017. Rachel thoroughly enjoys developing her skills and knowledge in surgical nursing and her areas of interest include anaesthetics, x-rays and puppy school.


Gemma Green - Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Fitzroy Vet - Veterinary Nurse - Gemma Green

Gemma started at Fitzroy Vet in July 2016. She was born and raised in New Zealand and became a qualified Veterinary Nurse in February 2013. Gemma's early nursing career was centered around cats, dogs, bunnies and guinea pigs as well as exotic species such as birds, reptiles and a vast range of New Zealand wildlife.

Outside of work, Gemma enjoys exploring new places, keeping fit and has a great love for food - both cooking and eating it! She is yet to adopt a wee fur baby of her own but it won't be long before the pitter-patter of paws are ruling the household. 


Samantha Hardy – Veterinary Nurse

Fitzroy Vet - Veterinary Nurse - Samantha Hardy

After graduating from High School in 2009, Sam worked in the retail industry for three years, then worked for a call centre for a year and a half. After finishing school however, she became interested in Veterinary nursing. 

Sam completed a short course in Animal Nursing through Box Hill Tafe in 2013 and volunteered at a rabbit shelter in Box Hill. 

Sam has a passion for animals and animal care. She joined the Fitzroy team as locum trainee veterinary nurse in September 2014.


Anna Glen - Veterinary Nurse

Fitzroy Vet - Veterinary Nurse - Anna Glen

Anna is originally from Corowa in rural NSW and has had a keen interest in animal care for as long as she can remember. Originally moving to Melbourne to pursue studies in IT and programming, Anna decided that the IT career path was not for her. Taking a few years off to work and save money, she eventually decided it was time to knuckle down and get started on her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing which she is currently undertaking.

Anna currently lives with her grumpy 11 year old cat, Cherry, but also has a cheeky 12 year old dog named Kozi who lives with her mother in NSW.


Kirstie Jago - Reception veterinary nurse

Fitzroy Vet - Receptionist & Veterinary Nurse - Kirstie Jago

Kirstie started at Fitzroy Vet in March 2017. She was born in Sydney but was raised in New Zealand. She was working in a clinic in Auckland as a Veterinary Nurse for 5 years before moving to Melbourne for her partner’s new job.

Kirstie lives with her 6 year old Border Collie - Link, her 5 year old Tonkinese - Kira, and her 4 year old tabby - Worf. Kirstie and her partner are both nerds so her cats are named after Star Trek characters and her dog after a Nintendo character.

Kirstie enjoys dying her hair a new colour every month or two and any kind of dancing.


Marni gunther - veterinary nurse

Fitzroy Vet - Veterinary Nurse - Marni Gunther

Marni joined our team in March 2017. She is a small-town girl at heart but moved to the suburbs a few years ago in order to pursue her passion for animals and begin a career in veterinary nursing. She has previous experience in a small animal practice and enjoys volunteering on weekends for Stafford Rescue Victoria. Marni lives with her adopted room mate Warren the cat and is the proud aunt to her sister’s two pesky ferrets – Jellybean and Juju.

Kieren Carmichael - Trainee Veterinary Nurse/ Cattery Attendant

Fitzroy Vet - Kieren Carmichael - Cattery Attendant

Kieren joined the team in July 2016 as a work experience student whilst studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing through Box Hill Tafe. Having previously completed a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences at La Trobe University, and with a keen interest in biochemistry and animal behaviour, it became apparent that the veterinary clinic was the right environment for Kieren. She has since begun working part time in the cattery as a cattery attendant. She is most interested in pursuing surgical nursing and/or pathology. 

In her free time, Kieren enjoys playing video games, taking dance lessons or eating out with friends.

Hsin - Trainee Veterinary Nurse/ Cattery Attendant

Fitzroy Vet - Vet Nurse & Cattery Attendant - Hsin

Hsin has been working here with us as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse for many months now. She had such a fantastic work ethic and rapport with the animals that we couldn’t help but offer her a position in our cattery. Hsin looks after all of our feline friends on the morning/ early afternoon shift.