Your pets can get stressed too - meet Tango

Tango is a 6 years old Miniature Pinscher who has just moved to Melbourne with his owner. He came to our clinic for a behavioural consultation because he was very anxious and stressed.

The first step in helping Tango's behavioural problem was to rule out any possible medical contributions to the problem. The veterinarian performed a full physical examination and sent a full blood screen test. Once the medical possibilities were ruled out the owner then filled out a behavioural history questionnaire to obtain when and why the behaviour started.

Tango was nervous around strangers, very dependent "clingy" to his owner and would become very agitated when other dogs barked in the neighbourhood. He was started on a behaviour modifying drug "Clomicalm" and trialed the D.A.P diffuser. D.A.P is a synthetic appeasing pheromone that can be used to reduce fear and stress related signs. After 6 months on the Clomicalm, Tango is a much happier dog and a lot less stressed in his environment.