Young Maizy's nosy habit

Nail in Maizy's nose

This month we were delighted to meet and treat Maizy who was brought into the clinic by her loving owner after noticing that a nail had become lodged within her nostril. It was not a shock for her owner as young Maizy has had a history of rummaging in the garden and has managed to injure herself or ingest things she shouldn't in the past. 

Maizy's owner brought her into the clinic right away and after a quick examination by one of our veterinarians, it was determined that Maizy would require a sedation in order for the nail to be removed. Maizy coped with this procedure incredibly well and the nail was successfully removed. Maizy made a great recovery and spent a bit of time having some well deserved rest. The suspected nail turned out to be an old rusty dressmakers pin.

Maizy was incredibly brave, and our team was very impressed that she seemed not all at bothered by the new addition to her face. 

If you feel that your pet may have gotten themselves into some mischief at home, please contact us on 9489 2195.