Woofa welcomes new microchipping legislation

Woofa is one of over 43 000 pets this year, that has been reunited with his owners thanks to being microchipped. With new legislation coming into place early 2007, it will be compulsory for all new pets to have a microchip.

A microchip is the size of a small grain of rice, that contains a unique barcode or number. It is implanted under the skin via a needle (just like a vaccination). The procedure takes about 5 minutes and may be done on a conscious pet, during a regular visit to the clinic.

Once implanted, the microchip number, and owners relevant contact details are registered with a nation wide data base. This data base is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If a pet with a microchip becomes lost and is taken to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, they are always scanned for a microchip. If one is found, the database is contacted and the number is matched to the correct owners details. The owners are then contacted and reunited with their pet.

Every pet should wear a collar with an identification tag and council registration tag. However these may become lost, especially as cats can quite easily slip their collars, therefore losing all form of identification.

A microchip is a failsafe form of identification that cannot be lost. A one off fee is required at time of implantation (approximately $50.00), that also includes life time registration to the data base.

If your contact details change, including phone numbers or address, the data base must be modified. This can be done via the internet, fax, or over the phone.

If you would like your pet microchipped or for any more information on this topic, please speak to the friendly staff at the clinic.