Winnie on wheels

Winnie has adapted well to her new wheels and is enjoying getting around and causing mischief once again.

Winnie is a regular client here at Fitzroy Vet Hospital and she is no ordinary pug. Winnie was born with a hemivertebra, a congenital spinal condition which is commonly seen in pugs. This causes progressive weakness and loss of nerve function in the back legs.

Unfortunately Winnie's symptoms got worse and she was having difficulties walking. Her owner decided to look into the possibility of getting Winnie a cart with wheels to help with the mobility as there were no other options with surgery. After lots of reasearch online and finding success stories with other pugs, Winnie's owner thought they would give it a shot and purchase a cart through K9 Carts online (a USA company). After sending some simple measurements the cart was created specifically for Winnie and she was then on her way ready to cruise!

Winnie's owner sent us a video of the very first night that Winnie got her new wheels. We are informed that Winnie continues to improve since getting her new set of wheels on the 16th September 2013. She is a very impressive and determined little girl. She finds it easy to get around inside the house but is still getting used to the outside when she goes to the park. She does get a bit weary but is getting more confident everyday.