Wildlife Victoria and Veterinary Nurse to The Rescue!!

Recently Carly Wilby, Fitzroy Veterinary Nurse had the pleasure of assisting in a wallaby rescue. The rescue was done in conjunction with Sandy Fernee from Wildlife Victoria. We were called to help an adult Wallaby that had become wedged between a fence and a water tank in a front yard in Northcote.

When they arrived the wallaby was very distressed and eager to escape. Sandy secured the wallaby by the tail while he thrashed around desperately trying to free himself. He was given a sedative for his own safety (Stress can kill these animals very quickly). Once he was sedated enough he was placed into a rescue bag where it was dark and safe. He would remain in the rescue bag until he could be closely examined and then released back into the wild, away from residential areas.

He was examined a short time later back at the wildlife sanctuary. With only slight grazes from the gravel on his feet he was given the ok by Sandy and the other carers at Wildlife Victoria to be released. He was taken out of harms way and released with a small group of wallaby's in a near by area.

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Pictures courtesy of Sandy Fernee from Wildlife Victoria.