Tiny Puppies born at Fitzroy Vet Hospital

Kel is an 8 year old Heeler Cross who came to us in early June. She had given birth to three puppies at home at approx 4am, but after many long hours of waiting there were no more puppies and her labor had appeared to have stopped. Kel's pregnancy was unplanned and this was her first litter. Her owners were unsure how to help Kel during the delivery. When she arrived at our clinic she was exhausted, in alot of pain and her contractions were insufficient to deliver the puppies.

She was examined by Dr Jess Nevile who helped to guide the fourth puppy out of the birth canal by its tiny feet. (If Kel was unable to deliver this puppy at home on her own, her life and the lives of her unborn puppies were very much in danger). After the delivery of puppy number four, Kel was exhausted and did not have the strength to deliver the remaining puppies on her own. With around the clock assistance and monitoring from a dedicated nursing and veterinary team a further eight puppies were delivered.

When it appeared that Kel was finished delivering her puppies an x-ray was taken of her abdomen to ensure she had no more puppies in her uterus. The xray showed that th

ere was one puppy remaining. Jess was unable to reach the final puppy manually. In order to save Kel's life an emergency caesarian section was performed. Sadly the remaining puppy along with 4 others born earlier in the day did not survive.

Kel was now the proud mother of 8 beautiful little babies!!! (and eight was more than enough for her). This was a very stressful day for Kel and her family. They will be getting her desexed as soon as the puppies are weaned to ensure that she never has to go through such an ordeal again.