The tale of Jasper

'Jasper' a beautiful Burmese boy is one of our favourite patients at the clinic. Earlier this year he was involved in a trauma that saw him rushed to the Animal Emergency Centre out of hours. He had an inguinal hernia repaired and nerve damage to his tail which meant his tail had to be amputated.

He recovered from those surgeries and was transferred to Fitzroy to manage his ongoing care. At this stage Jasper was a very sick cat and needed a blood transfusion – thankfully ‘Jed’ (Dr Alex’s cat) was just the cat to become a donor (with some gentle encouragement!!)

Jasper improved after his blood transfusion and was managed with intravenous fluids and antibiotics for a couple of days. At this point it became clear that he would require some further surgery to help him recover. Jasper was given another anaesthetic and all of the bones of the tail end of his spine up to his pelvis were removed – this was necessary because these bones had lost blood supply and had died. There was also a lot of dead skin removed which meant that poor Jasper ended up with a rather large hole in his backend. Thankfully he had not sustained too much nerve damage and he could still go to the toilet ok.

After his surgery the plucky Jasper endured a of week of bandage changes while his wounds began to heal. This was just the start of the road though – the skin took about 2 months in all to heal. He stayed with us in the clinic and the cattery for much of this time and became a firm favourite with all the staff. He is fully recovered now with just a limp in one back leg and no tail as evidence of the trauma he has been through. All in all a very lucky cat!!