That's not how you blow up a balloon, Molly!

Meet Molly the gorgeous 9 year old labradoodle. Molly got herself into trouble recently when she took the festive spirit a little too far. We met Molly and her owners one afternoon because she had eaten an unknown quantity of deflated rubber balloons in the park. Her owners were worried and called us immediately. We advised them to bring Molly down to the clinic for assessment. Poor Molly didn’t know what was about to happen.

If your dog has swallowed a foreign object, they may pass the object through the stomach and intestines without difficulty. However, sometimes the object can become stuck, causing major problems. Foreign objects may also pose a hazard to the soft tissues of the throat or stomach.

Molly was assessed by one of our veterinarians, and it was decided to induce vomiting. Never try to induce vomiting or force feed your dog water, oil, or anything else in an attempt to force the object out. If used improperly, all of these actions can cause severe, permanent and sometimes life threatening damage to the dog’s throat, stomach, and intestine tissues. It is important to contact the veterinary clinic immediately if you suspect your pet has eaten something they should not have.

Molly did bring back up a lot of colourful balloons under the supervision of the veterinarian and assisting nurses.

Hopefully now she just watches and plays with the balloons instead of eating them!