Tex comes to stay at Cats in the City

Tex is a 9 month old grey domestic short hair cat who boarded in our Cats in the City cattery for 15 nights. When Tex first came in, he was very timid and shy, and just wanted to stay in his igloo. However, after a few days he began to settle in and was rubbing up against his door, wanting lots of attention.

Tex's favourite parts of the day were when he got cuddles from our Cattery Attendants and when he could run around while his litter tray and food were being topped up. Our cattery uses happy hormones 'feliway' which helps the cats settle into their new environment and we also have plenty of kitty toys for our visitors to play with. Tex also brought along some of his favourite toys and a blanket which had the scent of his home to help him settle into his new environment. Tex was a classic case of being a bit nervous of first coming into the cattery but settled in well with some extra TLC.

Our cattery can accommodate up to 80 cats. If you are looking for a 'cat-sitter', why not board your friend with us. However, we are filling up fast for Christmas so call our clinic early or pop in to reserve your place now.

Visit www.catsinthecity.com.au to find out more about our cat boarding facility.