Tarus' big lump

Meet charming Tarus, a 7 year old black Labrador who recently presented to our clinic to get a worrying lump checked. During his consultation where our veterinarian performed a physical examination, it was observed that he had a large lump located on his right flank (the right side between his chest and his abdomen). Tarus' owners advised us that this lump had been growing over the last few months and was becoming uncomfortable for him, especially when he was trying to lay down and rest.

We immediately conducted a pathology procedure and the results concerned us that the lump was a malignant tumour. Tarus was booked in for a day procedure to have the lump removed.

On the morning of the surgery, Tarus was admitted to our hospital where we prepared him for his procedure. While Tarus was placed under general anaesthetic, our veterinarian carefully removed the lump from Tarus' body. A large excision was required to ensure that all of the cancerous cells were removed.

Tarus was a very brave patient and we are happy to report that he is recovering well from his surgery.