Sparky gets surgery on cancerous lump

Sparky is a 10 year old Blue Heeler X who came into the clinic to have five lumps removed. Our veterinary team had a closer examination of the removed lumps. Four of the five lumps looked like lipomas which are fatty lumps. However the fifth lump which was removed from her chest was sent to the laboratory for testing (histopathology). The histology results returned and indicated that the lump was a soft tissue sarcoma (cancerous) which meant Sparky needed a second surgery to extend the margins and ensure all the tissues were removed.

After the second surgery at the specialist centre, Sparky came back to the clinic every couple of days to ensure the wound was flushed and was healing properly. Sparky was very patient during her bandage changes and still wagged her tail when she came into the clinic even after her big surgery. Sparky has made a full recovery and has been given the all clear. What a trooper!