Snakes alive....

It only takes a few warm days and the snakes come out of hibernation to say hello. Camilla Kelly was taking Bartok (a three year old Australian Cattle Dog) for his morning stroll when Bartok poked his nose under a bush and then jumped back.

Camilla was startled as a black snake with stripes on it slithered away. She was unsure if Bartok had been bitten by the tiger snake but wisely she presented him to Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital.

If your pet is bitten by snake or suspected it is critical that they are taken to a veterinary clinic urgently as signs of the bite may not be obvious straight away.

Bartok was admitted to the hospital and he was placed on intravenous fluids. Blood test were taken and also a sample of urine which was sent to a laboratory to detect if there was any snake venom in Bartok's body.

Fortunately the urine test proved to be negative for snake venom and Bartok was discharged the next day. Camilla was spared some of the expense of Bartoks possible snake bite as he was insured. Learn more about pet insurance here.