Removing Milly's lump

Isn’t this girl just divine! This is Milly, she is a 2 and a half year old Kelpie X who is a much loved friend of Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital. Milly had been receiving conservative treatment recently with antibiotics to treat a lump on the jugular groove of the right side of her neck. Whilst on antibiotics the lump responded well and reduced in size. However, once antibiotics had stopped the lump reoccurred.

The next stage of treatment was to investigate the lump by ultrasound. A small area was identified as possibly being foreign material that was near Milly’s jugular vein (the primary vein that delivers blood from her heart to her brain). Further treatment would require surgical exploration and possible removal.

Milly was sent into surgery soon after to have surgical exploration of the lump. This surgical procedure was very delicate and difficult, due to the structures involved. When the lump was incised, the tissue was found to be inflammatory in nature with extensive involvement of the jugular vein. Our surgeon carefully dissected the lump away from the jugular vein and placed a drain in the wound to assist with the healing. The wound was sutured closed.

Milly was such a brave girl for her major surgery and she is recovering well at home.