Rastas the Brave - is desexed

This month out star patient was 'Rastas' who came in for a routine desexing operation. Rastas is an Australian Terrier and a very brave patient. Rastas' day started off a little grumpy. He was out of bed early and had no breakfast, but it was soon all forgotten when he saw all his friends at the clinic.

Health Check-up

Dr Simmone gave Rastas a general health check before going into hospital. Once admitted, the nurses painlessly took a blood sample from Rastas to assess enzyme levels. This ensured that his internal organs were functioning properly before he had a general anaesthetic.

Intravenous Fluids

His results were all within normal ranges, so Rastas was then put on intravenous fluids to help maintain his blood pressure during the operation. The intravenous fluids assist with a quicker recovery after the anaesthetic by helping to flush the anaesthetic out of his system.

Pre-operative care

Rastas was then shown to his bed by Nurse Tina which was ready with a heating pad and a big fluffy matt. He was given an injection to help him relax until his operation. Rastas is connected to his intravenous fluids, through a fluid pump. This maintains a fluid rate appropriate to his size, age and surgical procedure.

Surgery and recovery

Dr Simmone performed Rastas' operation and Nurse Stacey monitored his anaesthetic. All went well and his recovery was quick. Back in his warm fluffy bed, Rastas was eager to tell the other hospital patients how smoothly it all went. Rastas went home the same afternoon and was given a bravery bandana to show his Dad how good he had been.

We recommend puppies and kittens to be desexed at approximately 6 months of age and perform the routine procedure Monday to Friday. Please ring the clinic if you would like to book your pet in for desexing.