Police to the rescue for Yushka the Labrador

Earlier this month a four year old Labrador named "Yushka" was rushed into Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic after playing in the local park. Yushka was playing fetch with her owners and other canine friends when she became lodged on a metal rod that was sticking up out of the ground. Her owners were very distraught and rang us for advice. In response, we recommended not to remove the rod from her foot as we feared it may start to bleed. We advised that the best course of action was to remove the rod from the ground. Unfortunately, before long it became obvious that Yushka had to be cut free as the rod was securely buried deep in the ground. 

A quick call to the local police station was made and shortly after two police officers arrived with a large set of bolt cutters to cut Yushka free. Yushka arrived at our clinic with the bolt still protruding from the between her toes. She was given pain relief and intravenous fluids to help prevent shock. A short time later a general anaesthetic was performed to allow us to painlessly remove the metal rod.

Luckily for Yushka the rod had missed all of the bones in her foot, as well as all major blood vessels. This meant it was quickly and easily removed. Yushka was placed on antibiotics to prevent infection and her foot was covered with a bandage to help keep it clean.

Yushka and her family had a very traumatic day but we are pleased to report that several weeks later she has recovered well and still loves playing fetch in the park.