Pet insurance helps out Shadow's owner

Shadow is a 6 month old Golden Retriever who was signed up for four weeks free pet insurance at her initial consultation when she was 8 weeks old. Luckily her owners continued her insurance after the four weeks expired because at four months of age, Shadow was presented at our clinic with vomiting and lethargy. She was admitted to hospital for blood tests and intravenous fluid therapy.

Shadow was diagnosed with a severe case of gastrointestinal upset. Her owners were unsure but it was possible that Shadow might had been scavenging in the neighbour's compost.

After a three day stay in the hospital, the total cost of Shadow's veterinary treatment and hospital fees were in excess of $1,000. After paying just a small excess, the remainder of the cost was reimbursed by the insurance company to Shadow's owner. If Shadow had not had pet insurance, there would have been a few less presents under the Christmas tree.

Pet health insurance helps to pay 80%-100% of costs for unexpected veterinary treatment for your injured or ill pet. Some insurance companies even cover routine items like vaccinations. Click here for more information on pet insurance. Or ask us for a brochure in the clinic.