Pat holidays with us at Cats in the City

Meet Pat, an attractive black domestic cat who holidayed at our Cats in the City cattery from November 2011 to January 2012, while her dad travelled to Argentina, Spain and Italy for work and some holidays. Pat had a great time roaming around our cattery room, getting up to some mischief. She received lots of cuddles from everyone and enjoyed playing chasey with Jodie each morning, and always offered a little meow to start the day.

Pat went home for a few weeks after her Christmas vacation and then came back in for a weekend in February. On the day she was going home, she was out having some playtime when she heard her dad downstairs. She gave a very loud meow which was heard downstairs in the waiting area, in the hospital and the treatment area of our clinic. Her dad quickly raced upstairs to give her a big hug hello and they went home to watch the tennis on TV together. We can't wait to have Pat visit us again! She was a great little sport to have around.