Paris in Peril

Unfortunately, beautiful Paris visited us recently after he was hit by a car. His left forelimb was injured but he was lucky to escape further injury. Once in clinic, he was seen by one of our Veterinarians, who found that upon palpation, his left forelimb was quite painful and there was lots of movement. A broken bone was suspected. 

In order to confirm and view the severity of the injury, we sedated Paris and took X-rays. Unfortunately the severity of Paris' injury meant that he was required to undergo surgery in order to reduce the fracture size and realign the bone. This surgery took place at one of our sister clinics and was carried out by our staff surgeon, Dr Andrew Jacotine. 

After the surgery was complete, comparative xrays were taken, Paris was monitored by the lovely nurses at Pascoe Vale and shortly after Paris was sent off for overnight monitoring at CARE. 

Paris has since returned home, and is well on his way to recovery.