Our pets can have diabetes too - Meet Felicity

Felicity is a beautifully tempered Siamese Cross who started off life with Grant when he first moved out of home. Feline friends have come and gone from their household but at 18 years old Felicity is trying her best to outlive them all.

Five years ago Felicity was diagnosed with diabetes but is currently responding very well to her treatment of twice daily insulin injections, a special diet and routine blood glucose tests.

Her plan is to outlive her 8 year old feline friend Pierre, so she can become the only child once again.

Diabetes is a disease where insulin is either not secreted from the pancreas or there are insufficient insulin receptors. Insulin is required to help glucose absorption into body. Without this essential energy source the body will initially become lethargic, then possible coma and death. Twice daily insulin injections for diabetics works as a substitute for pancreatic secreted insulin. Signs to look for in your pet are increased water intake and urine output and also weight loss with increased hunger.