No More Tennis Balls for Roman the Samoyed

Roman is a 6 year old male Samoyed, who came to Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic because he was very lethargic, vomiting and off his food. Roman was admitted into hospital and started on intravenous fluids to help correct his dehydration. X-rays were taken of his abdomen which revealed what appeared to be a blockage in his intestines.

Due to the severity of the his illness and continuing deterioration, Dr Anu and Roman's owner decided it was in his best interest to operate, and try to remove whatever it was that was causing him to be so sick. Roman underwent emergency surgery known as an "Exploratory " which involves opening his abdomen and trying to locate the blockage.

Romans surgery lasted over an hour, finally Dr Anu recovered a piece of rubber ball that had become lodged in his intestines, which because of its size and irregular shape it would not have been able to pass through on its own. Roman made a speedy recovery and after a night at the emergency centre was allowed to return home.

He is now back to his normal happy and playful self. His owner has decided not to give him any more balls to play with!!!