No more Flowers for Graeme

Do you have lilies in your garden? Or have cut lilies in your house? They look beautiful but are toxic to cats!

Graeme is a 5 month old little girl whose liking for beautiful flowers has lost one of her nine lives. She came into the clinic depressed, not eating and very unwell. Her kidneys were enlarged and her blood results showed significant changes.

Sadly, she was given a very guarded prognosis. After three days of hospitalization, intravenous fluids, supportive care and lots of visits from a concerned Mum and Dad, Graemeā€™s condition made a miraculous turn around and she was allowed to go home for the weekend. More blood tests the following week showed a marked improvement, and current test results have shown kidney enzyme levels within the normal ranges. It was close call for little Graeme, but her spirited determination and lots of T.L.C pulled her through her ordeal.

Lily toxicosis has a poor prognosis with mortality rates of 60-90%. The species of lily that can cause acute renal failure in cats include Tiger Lily, Easter lily, Rubrum lily, Day lily, Glory lily, Stargazer lily, Japanese show lily and Asian lily. All parts of the lily are toxic including flowers, stamen, stem, leaves and roots. The toxic dose is unknown but inhalation, chewing of a very small amount or even drinking of vase water has resulted in acute renal failure and death in some cases.