Nelly's blood test

Nelly is an 11-year-old golden retriever who came in recently to have two lumps removed. We are happy to report the surgery was a big success!


Prior to her surgery, Nelly underwent a pre-anaesthetic blood test, which we always offer and recommend to our patients prior to undergoing surgery. The pre-anaesthetic blood test is a great way to check the function of vital organs, red and white blood cell counts (an indication for infection or anaemia) and platelet counts (which can inform us of clotting factors).

The blood test can be done up to a couple of weeks prior to the surgery or as close to the day before if we are running short for time. We collected a small blood sample from Nelly and sent it off to our laboratory to have it tested, using the same tubes you would see in human pathology. The blood tests are then emailed directly to the clinic and the veterinarian calls you to inform you of the results.

Nelly's results were all in normal ranges, which is great news!

However, we do often pick up discrepancies which can either deter us from going ahead with surgery or change our anaesthetic approach. The pre-anaesthetic blood test shows us things that the veterinarian cannot find on a clinical examination. So even if the patient seems fine, sometimes the blood test will pick up things we cannot see. The blood test is also a great baseline for future testing as well, as we can see any changes that have occurred since the last pre-anaesthetic blood test. If you are interested in getting this test done before your pets next procedure let us know! As you can see Nelly recovered well after her procedure but was certainly keen to sleep it off at home that evening!