Mimi, car accident survivor

Mimi is an 8 year old domestic long hair cat that was found collapsed, bleeding from her mouth and was suspected to have been hit by a car. Our veterinarian gave Mimi fluid therapy, pain relief and performed a blood test. Once stabilised, Mimi was transferred to an emergency centre for overnight care.

The following day Mimi returned to our clinic for radiographs of her abdomen and jaw. The radiographs showed an abdominal hernia which needed to be surgically repaired. She also had a fractured mandibular symphysis (lower jaw) and a wire was needed to be placed to stabilise the jaw. The surgery went very smoothly for Mimi.

When Mimi was discharged, she was having trouble with coordination at home, and needed help getting into her litter tray. Her owners carried out physiotherapy with Mimi which had shown a marked improvement.

Mimi came back for multiple post operative checks. The wound was healing well and six weeks later she had another general anaesthesia to have the wire removed from her jaw. Her movement has improved but still requires monitoring. Mimi is a lovely girl and is responding to treatment really well.