Mika our 3 1/2 year old Beagle Weight Watcher

Mika” joined our Waltham’s Weight Control Program on the 22nd January 2004. His first weigh in on 12th February 2004 was outstanding, he had lost 3.4kg!!! Congratulations to both “Mika” and his Mum Silvia for sticking to the program.

The Weigh in Clinic is a 12 – 18 week weight loss program for dogs and cats. Weight loss is designed to be safe and gradual, using the Waltham Calorie control diets, together with exercise and behaviour modification. The consult takes approximately half an hour and only costs around $12.00, food is additional. With regular fortnightly or monthly weigh ins the program does not take up much of your time, if you have a busy lifestyle. If you have an overweight dog or cat feel free to ring and ask for an appointment with our Weight Control Co-ordinator.

More about Obesity in pets...

Many pet owners miss the tell tale signs of their pets expansion, and don’t recognise that their pet is overweight, while others know there is a problem, but are not aware of the health risks of obesity.

Obesity can cause many health risks including Heart Disease, Diabetes, Breathing difficulties, skeletal and joint problems, eg Arthritis, the list goes on.

Obesity in animals is usually caused by excess food intake and lessening exercise. When energy intake exceeds energy requirements, there is a positive energy balance that leads to storage of energy as body fat. Other causes of obesity are; inappropriate use of snacks and treats, feeding larger total amount of food than necessary, or smaller amounts of high-energy snacks. Lack of exercise, or animals can't exercise due to a health condition such as heart disease, are at risk too.

Some breeds of dogs are more prone to weight gain than others, eg Labradors, Collies, Cocker Spaniels and Dachshunds.

Cats are better at regulating their own food intake, but you have to watch out, as cats are very fond of their food. Overweight cats tend to be male, neutered, of mixed breed and have low activity levels, eg couch potato.

If your animal is overweight don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff for advice or book an appointment to see the Weight Control Co-ordinator.
How can you stop this from happening to your pet??
- monitor your pet's weight, being careful to note the tell tale signs of expansion
- maintain a well balanced healthy diet and exercise regime for your pet
- be careful of giving too many treats and sweets