Meet puppy Harry the German Pointer

Meet Harry. Is he not one of the cutest little puppies that you have ever seen? Harry is a divine German Short-haired Pointer who visited us when he was 9 weeks of age for his very first puppy check up.

Harry the German Pointer visits us for his first puppy check up

Harry had only been with his new family for one night and his first day at home proved to be a big one for him. As it was school holidays his whole family was home to play with him. The neighbours all came over to see the new family addition and to have a play with Harry.

Harry is a very lucky boy to have such a loving family. We found out that his owner works from home so he will always have someone around to give him cuddles.  His owner also does a lot of running; this is great for Harry as German Pointers love interaction with humans. They make great pets for those with active families as they can give them an outlet for their considerable energy.

If you are thinking of getting a new addition to the family, we can help you with making this important, long term decision. Choosing a new pet is an exciting prospect and one which will generally involve a lot of emotion. Given that most pets will join your family for around 15 years, it is important to think about the consequences of owning a pet and the type of pet you have in mind.

Here at Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital we offer Pre-purchase Consultations. These consultations are FREE and can be arranged with our nurses. In this consultation we can discuss with you the responsibilities and costs of owning different types of pets. We take into account family size, housing type, other pets and so much more to ensure that you are able to make an informed decision before you choose a pet.

Harry was so exhausted from his big first day. When in the consultation with the veterinarian for his puppy check, he fell straight to sleep in her arms and the full examination was performed while he was continually dozing off to sleep.

We know that Harry has such a loving family and will be very well cared for!