Meet Ivy

Little Ivy presented to the clinic after she had become lame on her right fore leg. We took a series of xray's which confirmed the reason Ivy wasn’t keen to weight on her leg, the poor little girl had a clean fracture.

It always amazes us how brave animals can be when they are suffering from a serious and painful injury.

In order to repair this fracture, Ivy was booked into undergo surgery. Under general anaesthesia we entered tissues around the fracture. The fractures were repaired with a plate, screws and wire to secure each fracture in position. This was to ensure that both bones would be held securely to allow healing, and also to allow some function. After her surgery, Ivy required overnight monitoring so was transferred to CARE (Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency) to ensure she stayed comfortable and given pain relief as required throughout the night.  

She was discharged to go home the following day where her owners will monitor her to assist in her recovery. Over the coming weeks, Ivy must be kept confined with limited activity to allow the surgical wound, soft tissues and the bone to heal. Strict rest means confinement in a cage/crate to limit the number of steps done per day and to avoid any vigorous activity as the radius and ulna are not at full strength.

We wish Ivy all the best in her recovery and look forward to seeing her for her post operative appointments over the course of her recovery.