Meet Baird the happy puppy

Baird is a gorgeous 11 month old Australian Shepherd who just loves meeting people! One evening whilst out on his regular walk with his owner, Baird cut his paw on something. We’re not quite sure what it was but it certainly left a large laceration on his front right paw.

Baird came into the clinic for a consultation soon after his owner noticed his paw was bleeding. During the consultation we clipped and cleaned the wound and assessed what would be the next course of treatment for him. Baird was so excited to see everyone at the clinic and trying to keep him quiet proved to be challenging. All Baird wanted to do was play with everyone!

The veterinarian decided that the best course of treatment would be to place Baird under a general anaesthetic the following day and suture the wound closed. This would aid in the healing process. It also would mean that Baird would be required to come in for regular bandage change appointments to examine the sutured wound and ensure that it was healing well.

Despite Baird having a bandage on his paw and wearing an Elizabethan collar, Baird always came into the clinic for his appointments happy to see everyone!