Mandy's desexing

Mandy with Nurse Sarah

It was lovely to have Mandy in our care recently as we don't see ferrets at the clinic very often.

Mandy visited us to be desexed and had a terrific recovery from the operation. We are very much looking forward to meeting the rest of Mandy’s crew very soon, as her owner was very happy with how everything went.

Pocket pets such as ferrets and rabbits can be desexed at the Fitzroy Vet Hospital from four months of age. There are many benefits to getting the procedure performed. During Mandy's operation we used the same protocol as we do for our cats and dogs – she even went onto intravenous fluids!

Ferrets go onto heat just like dogs and cats, so owners either need to ensure their pocket pets are kept separate unless they are absolutely sure they are of the same sex.

Even still, you may notice behavioural changes such as aggression, being territorial or biting tendencies at around four to six months as you do with dogs and cats. Desexing rabbits and ferrets can certainly help stop this naughty behaviour, and help prevent nasty cancers.

With our facilities and very close anaesthetic monitoring, you can be sure they are in the best hands.

If you are interested in getting your rabbit or ferret desexed please feel free to call the clinic on 9489 2195.