Madge the Burmese kitten in heat

Madge is an eight month old Burmese kitten who was brought into the clinic because her owners were worried about a change in her behaviour. In the past week she had been vocalizing a lot, being very clingy, and waving her tail in the air and wanting to go outside. The veterinary team informed Madge's owners that she is displaying signs of being "in heat" as she is not desexed. The risks associated with not getting Madge desexed include mammary cancer, unwanted pregnancy, uterine infection and the inconvenience of her ‘in heat' behaviour.

The veterinarian recommended that Madge be desexed immediately as she will continue to cycle into heat during the breeding season (July-September). Her owners were also advised to keep her indoors away from other male cats to prevent her from becoming pregnant.

The desexing procedure is one day surgery and we recommend all kittens be desexed at 5 to 6 months of age. For more information please contact the clinic or click here to read about desexing.