Maddie gets a microchip

Maddie visited our clinic recently to be microchipped. Since May 2007 it has been compulsory in Victoria that all newly registered cats and dogs be microchipped. Maddie's owners want to ensure she has the best chance of being returned home if she ever goes missing and the best way to do this is to have your pets microchipped.

At Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic we have many stray pets brought into us, most have lost their collars during their runaway adventures and without a microchip we have no way of finding their owners. The pets are sent to the Lost Dogs Home where they will try to locate their owner and unfortunately this is not always possible. If a pet is microchipped we can quickly and easily contact their worried owners and reunite them.

Maddie's microchip is a permanent and lifelong form of identification that can be updated with her owners information where ever they may go.