Lucky Socrates' early detection of renal disease

Socrates is a 15 year old male Burmese cat who visited us for his senior check-up. His owner advised us that he had noticed some weight loss in Socrates. During the senior consultation, our veterinarian took some blood and urine samples from Socrates to check his kidney function. Both urine and blood results suggested an early onset of renal disease.

Renal (kidney) disease is a complex disease and although there is no cure, there are diets and medications that can increase the longevity and quality of life for these pets. Socrates was changed onto a renal diet which is lower in protein, sodium and phosphate to decrease the load on the kidneys.

We monitor Socrates' progress of his renal disease by conducting repeat blood and urine tests every 6 months. Other signs of renal disease include poor appetite, increased drinking and urination, lethargy, high blood pressure, mouth ulcers and anaemia. Unfortunately, once the kidneys are damaged they have limited ability to recover. Socrates was very lucky that in his case it was detected early and with treatment should slow down the progression of the disease.