Lucinda the 2 year old Tonkinese cat & snakebite survivor

Lucinda is a two year old Tonkinese cat who spent most of her time during the school holidays playing in the back yard with Georgia (10) and Emma (12). Lucinda also likes to visit the Merri Creek to catch up with other local cats.

On a sunny Sunday evening after returning from her walk to Merri Creek Lucinda seemed very lethargic and tired and then she vomited. She was wobbly on her feet and quite agitated. Lucinda's family had seen a small Tiger snake pass thru their property about 2 weeks prior and hoped Lucinda would not choose a tiger snake as her new play mate. Unfortunately she did, and had to be taken to the Animal Emergency Centre where snakebite was diagnosed, antivenom was administered and intensive care provided overnight.

The next morning Lucinda commenced her recovery and she was transferred back to the Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic for her recuperation.

It is ironic that Lucinda is the cousin of Gilbert the Russian Blue who also recovered at our clinic from a snakebite episode at our clinic only last year. Lucinda completed her recovery in the hospital at Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic and is now happily at home. Georgie and Emma are thrilled to have their playmate back with them.

How can I stop this from happening to my pet?

Sometimes diagnosis of snake bite can be tricky especially if you do not see the snake strike and often the puncture marks are not visible. High speed film studies of snake strike have shown that it is possible for a snake to strike 15 times in 2 seconds! It is vital if you suspect your family pet has been bitten by a snake that you attend the clinic urgently.