Lost ringtail possum rehabilitated

Fitzroy Veterinary Surgery works very closely with Wildlife Victoria whose aim is to rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife and provide care for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife. Recently, an orphaned male ringtail possum was brought into our clinic. We regularly take in orphaned or injured wildlife from the public. Our role is to assess the health of these animals and then either realistically advise treatment options based on the chance of rehabilitation, or in severe cases, humanely euthanase. Unfortunately, due to legislation we are not able to release non-native species back into the environment.

In this particular case, our veterinary team gave the ringtail possum a clean bill of health. He was monitored and once doing well, was transferred to Wildlife Victoria care for rehabilitation.

To help protect our native wildlife, you can as a responsible pet owner:

  • Keep your cat indoor at night as this is the time some of our small furry wildlife is active. This will also protect your cat from cat fights and keep them safe.
  • Keep your dog on a leash or under effective control when walking in nature reserves or bushland as wildlife are likely to be vulnerable.

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