Little Venus and her bone incident

Venus is a little 22 week old Burmese kitten who visited our clinic because she was feeling lethargic and had been off her food. Our veterinarian checked her stomach and poor little Venus cried out in pain. She also had a very high temperature and was dehydrated. Venus was placed on intravenous fluid therapy and had an x-ray of her abdomen that afternoon.

The x-ray indicated a small bone-like structure in Venus' stomach which was preventing normal gut function and causing pain. Our veterinarian knew the only way the bone was coming out was by removing it in surgery. Venus was then rushed through to surgery to have an exploratory laparotomy.

The bone had damaged some internal organs and our veterinarian surgeon was able to remove the bone and fix the internal wounds successfully. Venus was given antibiotics and pain relief. She recovered a bright healthy kitten.

Chicken wings and necks are great for dental health of our pets, however they do have the risk of splintering. When giving bones to your pets, make sure the bones are raw and uncooked, and supervision is a must especially for young pets.