Little bumps cause irritation in Ada's eye

Ada is a healthy 22 week old domestic short hair kitten that had been previously diagnosed with conjunctivitis and came to us for a second opinion. Our veterinarian placed a drop of local anaesthesia into her eye before examining it.

It was important to make sure there were no signs of a foreign body, ulcer or damage to the eye before using any eye drops. Ada's eye didn't show any of those signs so she was placed on a course of eye drops 3 times daily to help alleviate the conjunctivitis.

Ada's eye was improving with medication, however wasn't completely resolved at the end of the course. On second examination, our veterinarian found some 'bulbar follicular hyperplasia' on the underside of the third eyelid. This is caused by the eye's immune system and looks like small raised bumps, which were causing irritation to the surface of the eye.

Ada was admitted to hospital for a sedation to have the follicles gently debrided. Symptoms can include watery discharge, redness, squinting and feeling of discomfort.

Ada was such a good patient and we expect her to have a full recovery.