Liposuction in pets

Fly had a liposuction procedure to remove a benign fatty tumour

Our veterinary team recently removed a large lipoma (a benign fatty tumour) from a patient using liposuction. Fly, a beautiful 11 year old labradoodle, had a lump in an awkward spot - her upper inner thigh area. We felt that regular lump removal surgery would leave a very large wound in an area of high movement. With liposuction, we made a very small incision near the lump, passed in some special instruments (including a straw-like cannula specific to these types of procedures) and removed it by breaking the tumour up and sucking it out piece by piece using a vacuum. 

Fly only had a tiny wound closed with a couple of sutures, and made a fantastic recovery! Using the liposuction method means there is less pain for the patient, smaller wounds, quicker recovery and can be performed in procedures up to 16cm in diameter. If you are interested in having this procedure done for your pet, please call the clinic on 9489 2195.